Kayla (ruined_puzzle06) wrote in comment_wh0res,

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I've always wanted to meet other comment whores. :-P Comments rock my socks...
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will do :-)
For a commenting-whorish community, it doesn't seem to be much of one. ;_; Taking Back Sunday rocks and so does commenting and stuff! I like pie! O.o;


November 11 2004, 02:17:33 UTC 13 years ago

u all should be ashamed of urselves.....taking back sunday is what defines lameness..listen to some real music ..listen to Prince.....my reasoning is if ur gunna go any gayer than prince...might as well go prince....
added ya
hey ima huge comment whore really I am.. you should add me
you're in. add me back <33
p.s. i've been slacking in the comment department because i've been super busy but i'm trying to get back to work
lets do the adding thing!